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Core77 Design Awards + Modern Fuel

Core77 Design Awards + Modern Fuel

Core77 Design Awards + Modern Fuel

We are proud to announce that we have received a Core77 design award. I have been a huge fan of Core77 ever since reading an article published by Frog called From Engineer to Design Engineer: 8 Steps to Transform Your Career. 

I started reading Core77 every morning and also checking it during the day to make sure I saw each update as soon as possible. I have since calmed down a little, but I still check it daily as the content is so good. So, you can imagine how excited I was when Rain Noe was kind enough to feature our mechanical pencil design back in December 2014! Now we hear we have been awarded a Student Notable Award in the Consumer Products category.

Core77 Design Awards trophy


We received the cool badge above, but I am hopeful that one day one of the beautiful looking awards designed by Rich Brilliant Willing will turn up in the post some day. The awards “were inspired by a ‘mold’ as an image and symbol of manufacturing and design” so that “winning teams can create ingots from the trophy, and provide these cast facsimiles to their collaborators, clients and staff.” Genius.

Core77 Design Awards 2




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