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1. My pencil has stopped working, what should I do?

First of all, do not worry. We will get your pencil working again even if we have to make you a new one.

Let’s investigate.

Start by taking your pencil apart. First unscrew the cone, then pull off the eraser end and remove the eraser. Then remove the mechanism from the pencil body and empty any lead from the feed tube by turning it upside down. Then follow these steps:

  1. Take the cone part and using a full piece of lead, push the lead though the cone starting from the tip.
  1. Pushing the lead through the cone may push out anything that was blocking the cone. If the blockage is pushed out, please go to step 5.
  1. If it is not possible to push the lead through the cone, please see I have dropped my pencil, what should I do? to remove any tip damage.
  1. If you can freely push the lead through the cone, please open and close the mechanism by pulling back the round brass plate so the clutch opens. Do you see any damage or blockages in the mechanism? If so, keep opening and closing until the blockage is removed or see How do I get a new mechanism? if it is damaged.
  1. So, no blockage or damage in the cone and a working mechanism? OK, let’s put the pencil back together to test it. Start by sliding the mechanism into the pencil body and then screw on the cone. Now push the eraser holder onto the end of the pencil.  Now place 4 pieces of lead into the lead tube through the hole found under the eraser. Hold the pencil with the tip pointing downwards and click the pencil 20 times. Do you see any lead coming out of the tip? If so, we have done our job, just add the eraser and you are good to go.
  1. If you still don’t see any lead coming from the tip, please continue to click the pencil 20 more times. If there is still no lead coming from the tip of the cone please unscrew the cone and see if any lead is advancing from the mechanism.

No lead advancing from the mechanism:

It seems there is an issue with the lead being used, please check it is 0.5mm or the mechanism, please inspect it for blockages or damage (see step 4). If there is an issue with the mechanism, please see How do I get a new mechanism?

Lead is advancing from the mechanism but not coming through the cone:

It is very likely that you have a small amount of tip damage that is hard to see. Please see I have dropped my pencil, what should I do?

2. I have dropped my pencil, what should I do?

We made this video to help fix any tip damage you may have. Don’t be scared to try this, we will always be here to fix your pencil or make you a new one. If you have tried this or don’t like the look of it please see How do I return a pencil to be fixed?

3. How do I fit the clip to the pencil?

We made this video to help you fit the clip to your pencil.

4. How many sticks of lead will the pencil hold?

The MFD pencil will hold up to 4 pieces of lead at one time. Any more pieces may block the mechanism.

5. What is the internal mechanism made of?

Our mechanism has a solid brass clutch and clutch plate, a steel spring, a plastic connector and a black plastic feed tube. We are currently working on a full metal mechanism.

6. Does the pencil only come in brass and aluminum?

Right now we only make brass and aluminum versions of the pencil. We are working hard on the 2nd version of the MFD pencil and this will come in material options: brass, copper, titanium, stainless steel, black anodized aluminum and maybe even gold if you would like?  

7. What size lead does the pencil come in?

We currently only sell the MFD pencil in .5mm. The pencil will not take any other size lead. We are working on a second version of the pencil that will come in .5 , .7 and .9 mm lead sizes.

8. How can I stay up to date with the status of the 2nd version?

Please use the contact form and select ‘2nd Version Update’ and we will let you know when it goes live.

9. How do I return a pencil to be fixed?

Please fill out the contact form below and we will send you details on how to send us your pencil.

10. How do I get a new mechanism?

Do not worry, if you have followed the steps in My pencil has stopped working, what should I do? or need a new mechanism because you put the old one in the tumble dryer, we are here. Please fill out the contact form below and select ‘Support Question’ and let us know the issue. We will get one to you as fast as the postman can carry it.

11. My lead keeps breaking!

We understand how this can be very frustrating. Please try to switch the lead inside the pencil for the Pentel lead that came in the box. This lead is more flexible and should improve things.
There is some adjustment time when getting used to a new pencil, but if you feel you have tried and you are still having issues please let us know.

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