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2nd version Update – Balance Test 1

2nd version Update – Balance Test 1


I have been working my fingers to the bone to bring the 2nd version of the Modern Fuel Design pencils to life and I am so, so close. I hope to have the campaign live by the end of August, but I wanted to let you know what was in store in case you had any feedback.

Please check out the “what’s new” and “what’s not” lists and video below and send over any thoughts you have.

I will be setting aside enough Early Bird pledges for you, as a backer of the 1st campaign to get in early. I will be sending out a ‘heads up’ email before the campaign goes live, so please keep your eye out for it.

If you’ve been wondering whether there will ever be a MFD pen, I am working on our very first pen and it is going to be beautiful. Someone wise once said, “do one thing and do it well”. Although the pencil is ready, the pen isn’t quite there yet. This is why I have decided to launch the pencil first, and then concentrate all my efforts on perfecting the pen separately. I aim to launch the MFD pen once I have started delivering the MFD pencil 2.0

Thank you,

What’s new:
+ Single pencil body will now house any of our mechanisms – you can now pledge for a single body and all three mechanisms
+ A custom designed brass mechanism with absolutely no plastic parts+ More options for the lead: 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 0.9 mm+ Perfectly balanced, check out the video below
+ New material options include titanium, copper, bronze, stainless steel and DLC black stainless steel
+ The first time you will see a bronze C52100 mechanical pencil – a bronze normally saved for end watches
+ Retractable tip ensuring no more tip damage
+ Each pencil has a unique serial number hidden inside it
+ O’ring seal between parts
+ A Hidden screw system that holds the pencil together – an allen key is provided in the kit to take the pencil apart
+ Optional eraser plug, for those that like to remove the eraser altogether

What’s not new:
= Testament to U.S. manufacturing and design
= Seamless look – blended by hand to look like a single piece of metal
= Designed/Engineered to last a lifetime
= Guarantee – if there are any issues, send it back and I will fix it or make you a new one. Simple as that.
= Machined from a solid piece of metal making each pencil incredibly strong and durable


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  1. This looks beautiful

    Oct 23, 2017 Reply
    • Thanks for your comment! We’re glad to hear that you like the looks of our upcoming pencil version 2.0. 🙂

      -the MFD team

      MFD Support
      Nov 29, 2017 Reply

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